Kennel Confirmation

2018-12-05 20:23



Today we got the confirmation of our kennel application from the Swedish Kennel Club.

I'm looking forward to a lifetime with this wonderful breed and all that the years might provide in knowledge, people and dog.

Norwegian Champion

2018-11-28 20:26



☆ SEUCH DKUCH Ayarips Mooi Mira van Gefe ☆

Today came Miras diploma of her Norwegian Champion title. This also result in her now being Nordic Champion!

Lillestrøm Nordic Winner Show 2018

2018-11-16 20:28

Oslo 2018


Judge: Arja Koskelo, Finland.
Entries: 16.

☆ SECH DKCH Ayarips Mooi Mira van Gefe ☆

~ 2nd BEST BITCH ~
~ CAC ~

~ Norwegian Champion~
~ Nordic Champion ~
~ Qualified for Show of Winners 2019 ~

☆ Swedish Champion ☆
☆ Danish Champion ☆
☆ Qualified to Golden Go 2018 ☆
☆ Qualified to Golden Go 2017 ☆
☆ Approved aptitude test in blood tracking ☆


Amazing start of this weekend's double winner show in Norway. My wondwerful girl Mira got two new championtitles ❤

Big thanks to my friend Jamie for bringing her to Norway ❤

Breeder: Sabina Cadier (Kennel Ayarips)
Handler: Jamie Sandh


3 years old. Nice head, very feminine. Needs little stronger muzzle. Needs more forechest. Slightly up ringht in shoulder. Correct shaped ribcase. Correct bodyproportions. Lovely color. Easy mover. Good showcondition.