Swedish Club Show 2019

2019-08-17 11:04

Degeberga 2019


Judge: Sjoerd Jobse, Sweden .
Entries: 55.

☆ MultiCh Ayarips Mooi Mira van Gefe ☆

~ Excellent ~


☆ Swedish Champion ☆
☆ Danish Champion ☆
☆ Norwegian Champion ☆
☆ Nordic Champion ☆
☆ No 1 Show Kooiker 2018 ☆
☆ Qualified to Show of Winners 2019 ☆
☆ Qualified to Golden Go 2018 ☆
☆ Qualified to Golden Go 2017 ☆
☆ Approved aptitude test in blood tracking ☆


Despite tha rain we had a lovely day in Degeberga at SKOOI:s annual Club Show. We met wonderful people and Kooikers and we also got to enter the ring to recieve the prestigious price for Mira being top winning show kooiker of 2018!

Breeder: Sabina Cadier (Kennel Ayarips)


Four years old. Compact bitch. Feminine head. A little thin in nose and a little to much stop. Enough neck. Strong topline. Good rump. Little angulation in front, enough in back. Good body and substance. Moves med good step from the sida, som unstable comming. Excellent tail. Not in best coatcondition for the day.